Friday, January 20, 2012

Find Money for College!

If you want to go to college next year, NOW is the time to get busy with financial aid!  The key to receiving the majority of financial aid out there is getting admitted to the schools you are interested in AND filling out the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as humanly possible. Many schools have priority deadlines in early March, meaning that it may be too late for some grants and scholarships if you apply any later.

What is the FAFSA?  The FAFSA is an online application that you fill out your household's 2011 tax information.  The information gathered by the FAFSA helps colleges determine what types of financial aid you qualify for.

Even if you would not describe yourself as "low income" and don't expect to qualify for much help, you might as well go ahead and complete a FAFSA anyway, because you just never know until you try.  Also, if you or your parents plan to use Federal student loans to pay for some or all of your college expenses, a FAFSA will be required. 

Want more information or even some help with your FAFSA?   You are in luck!  The Dallas Public Library Teen Center is introducing a brand new workshop for high school students where students and their parents will get in depth information about the kinds of financial aid out there and how to apply.  If you and your parents bring in your 2011 tax returns, you can even get in person assistance with filling out your FAFSA!!!  Click here for a complete list of things you need to have with you when you file your FAFSA.

You have seven different chances to get the help you need:

Audelia Road Library— 1/25  @5pm
Central Library--2/2  @10:30am
Pleasant Grove Library—2/8  @5pm
Dallas West Library—2/15  @5pm
Mountain Creek Library—2/18  @2pm
Hampton Illinois Library--2/25  @1pm
Skyline Library—3/1 @4:30pm

See you there!

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