Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dallas Teen Book Festival: Who is the Author of Your Dreams?

Teen Centers is so psyched to be planning a Teen Book Festival for the Spring of 2012.  We are going through lists of the best young adult fiction authors around, trying to decide who we want to invite to come out so you can meet them, hear them speak, and maybe even get some books signed.  

There are some really fabulous authors right here in Texas that are definitely on our list.  Right now though, we are working on compiling our DREAM list.  You know, the authors that are so hot right now that it might take a bit of um...convincing to get them here.  We WILL have dream authors at this event.  

We know which authors are on our wish list, but this event is for you!  Tell us who your dream authors are because you never know....your dreams just  might come true!   

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